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Q & A sessions Pregnancy
1. - How many months will it take to do a session of pregnancy?
The sessions are recommended pregnancy between 7 and 8 months.
2. - Where you can make the sessions of pregnancy?
The session of pregnancy can be done at home or at any outdoor location. The photo studio type has a different treatment to photos taken outside.
3. - The session can be done at home?
Yes, we have all the lighting and background necessary to make the sessions.
4. - I feel I have overweight, but I want to make my pregnancy session.
Of course I do. The pictures have nothing to do with the weight you have. There are many lighting tricks that can help us to hide any discomfort you have.
5. - The photos can be retouched?
Depending on the package, the final photos are retouched.
6. - Who takes the pictures, a man or a woman?
The photographs are taken by Ruben.
7. - Rent can be with me in the session?
Of course, we always recommend that someone familiar in every session. Preferably her husband.
8. - How many people can go in the session?
The session can leave her husband and children.
9. - I have to be naked in the photo shoot?
No. It depends on the tastes of everyone. Most important in this session is to highlight the belly of pregnancy. It is therefore recommended to have as little clothing as possible.
10. - How many changes of clothes I can have?
The session can have up to 4 changes of clothes.
11. - I'm not a model and not as a pose?
That's no problem. This is why you are hiring a professional photographer, qualified to guide you in bringing out the best.